Season 2017-2018

The time is out of joint. CouRage rises in beauty.

We create performances and art for a new world, a world as a globalized village. Clusters of performances around themes. Telling new strong stories that place the big world in the small one, looking for connection by questioning paradigms and believe systems.
The theme for the next few years is ‘Women and Violence’, with Trojan Women as a first performance that digs in the situation of women in warzones.

Trojan Women

Based on Seneca & Euripides.

Hope is like a butterfly in a ruin.

After a war demolished their cities, women and children awaite their uncertain fate. War victims at the mercy of the enemy. Their husbands, fathers and brothers are dead. What will happen to them? They will be shipped. Packed on a boat. The waves will push them to the other side. As prizes of war. Can the power of life be stronger than the impact of wars?

Euripides and Seneca wrote a universal text on the consequences of war.
Trojan Woman is the story of four women. What can you do when war has destroyed your city? Take revenge? Run? Die? Or choose life? How do you find hope and love when your past has been wiped out, your present is a mess and the future is at stake?

Trojan Woman is a new text born from a Greek tragedy as a fusion of acting, dance, music and song.

You cannot drink seawater. But you can drown in it..
Do butterflies fly above the sea? Do vines grow in the sea?


Aminata Demba, Dewi Kasmo, Deniz Polatoglu, Aïcha Cissé, Claude Musungayi, Petra Ball, Jessica Bank, Joke De Winde, Esther Sfez, Marijn Prakke and  Amer Shanati (Ud player, Syria).


Direction and text: Alain Pringels
Dramaturgy: Ludwig Dierinck
Styling advise: Chris Snik , Lotte Boonstra, Miguel Penaranda
Music: Amer Shanati
Soundscape: Jonah Steeman
ScenographyDanny Cobbaut
Sound: Ludo Vleugels
Poster Image: Barbara Bervoets
Visual communication: Joanna Kurdubelska
Website: Shaïri Pringels & Joanna Kurdubelska
Organising team: Alain Pringels, Ingrid Stals, Dewi Kasmo, Renske Hoedemaker, Dirim Kutlar, Merel Mesu, Ilona  Dijokromo