About couRage

Compagnie couRage creates performances and art for a new world; the world as a global village.

Compagnie couRage creates performances and art for a new world; the world as a global village. A company of European world citizens, with roots all over the world. A group that mirrors the population of the cities of the world. In the middle of the turmoil of globalization, and the sound and fury of outrageous fortune, couRage intends to rise in beauty.

A group of actors, singers, musicians, dancers and directors that perform the great stories of mankind, in a dream of passion.

The works of couRage are four (far less then the Twelve Works of Heracles, but not less ambitious):

  • Creating new perspectives on classic stories and discovering great stories from all cornersof the world
  • Telling brand new stories by contemporary authors
  • By creating new work that has the couRage to break cliché images and to explore untold stories of world history
  • By actions and performances in the city

Our basics are the poetical sound of a voice, the pulsing feeling of rhythm, the fascinating view of a disturbing image of sublime beauty, the seduction of the uncanny,  the friction caused by an idea, the cathartic experience of a lucid dream…

Being multiple or not being at all. Diversity as a fact.

Compagnie courage believes that the XXIst century will be the century of the OTHER. The world to come will be the world of the Other in worlds of otherness. Without the Other my existence has no value. Solidarity is the only way. It’s not our hope, it is a way of living. “I am the other.” (Rimbaud) Curiosity, openness will be the key words to connect with others. In order to make art you need the same keywords.

So creating a performance, acting or directing, is taking care of hearts and souls of one another and of connecting with each other on the basis of an idea. Demolishing frontiers  between and inside each of us.

Creating connectivity by skipping our differences by thinking on and playing with ideas. Ideas as a way to connect and communicate with a public.

To achieve this Compagnie couRage will be a nomadic theatre. Working, thinking and creating in one of the most densely populated areas in the world. A world city that stretches from Amsterdam in the North to Lille in the South, and from London in the West to Köln in the East. Working in the heart of this giant metropole; in the quadrilateral between Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Ghent.

Here we will create our stories.  The great stories of the world as a gift to the people of this giant metropole.  A world that seems to become smaller and smaller. Working, thinking and playing together as a way of living that life.

Our motto :

The Other should be a glorious, not a pitiful Other, an object of admiration not of commiseration, the object of a challenge, not that interactive, democratic  Other which is not even really your equal. The Other exists more intensely in the dual relation, in rivalry and challenge, than in interaction, conviviality and cozy multiculturalism.  (Jean Baudrillard, Cool memories.

Alain Pringels
Artistiek leider